Between Ephemeral & Permanent

“Everything that by definition ends, by constantly ending, remains unchanged”

With her surgical gaze, Mara Giliberti meticulously dissects the meanings locked in the natural universe represented in her paintings, which, stripped of context, break with the mundane to delve into the depths of the exceptional.

Her sensual figures on one-dimensional backgrounds invite the viewer to face an inescapable vision: the cycles of nature, in their tireless iteration, unveils the contours of permanence.

The circularity of life cycles redeems mortality. With her exuberant flora, the artist invites us to explore the limits between the natural and the fictional, beauty and transcendence,  to delve into the borders of the ever-elusive reality. 

Words by Luciana Asinari, for the “Entre lo efímero y lo permanente” exhibition in Corretger 5 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.